LASIK A true Gift this season. Read a Naval Aviator's Personal story.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015
by Houston Lasik

LASIK A true Gift this season. Read a Naval Aviator's Personal story.

We are really in the spirit of the holidays here at Slade & Baker Vision Center, and we wanted to share something inspirational with our readers.

At this time every year, we ask ourselves what would "so and so" want for their gift this year? What could they REALLY use? We even find ourselves asking this about our parents, our sisters, brothers, friends, and even our own selves when people ask us what WE want for the holidays.  

Every year I struggle to figure out, what do I really want? I find myself wanting things all year long, but when it gets to December, why do I always forget?!?!

When you wake up in the morning, what do YOU use?

Many would say, well I pick up a toothbrush, or I shut my alarm clock off on my iPhone. iPhone and toothbrush, both pretty useful.

However, you forgot something.

How do you see your iPhone, or find your toothbrush and toothpaste?

I challenge you to think of something you use more than your eyes. We tend to take our sense of sight completely for granted, I know because I am guilty.

What an amazing gift to give to a special loved one or to YOURSELF than the gift of VISION! 

In 2011, Carl had LASIK at Slade & Baker Vision Center. 

At the time Carl found Dr. Slade, he was an aerospace engineer and a candidate for Naval Aviation. He was told he could only have PRK due to the navy requirements. When he discovered some pupil size issues through special testing, Dr. Slade took the situation into his own hands to do a little more research.  He connected with a good friend in San Diego that was heavily involved in Naval Aviation, a carrier fighter pilot and lucky for everyone involved, an ophthalmologist.

LASIK would be okay. 

Every year Carl and his family email us to thank Drs. Slade & Baker for changing Carl’s life by correcting his vision. His LASIK procedure allowed him to fulfill his dream and become a Naval Aviator. 

When we read his message every year, we are touched and feel so happy to have been able to help him.

This year's message came from Carl's father who wrote us and sent us a picture:

Family and friends,

Carl says Merry Christmas from Misawa, Japan. 

Special thanks to Stephen Slade M.D. for making Carl’s eyes Naval Aviator ready.

His father shared with us today that Dr. Slade’s skill and compassion were what allowed Carl to chase his dreams.

Most people don’t know that LASIK is approved for naval aviators, landing jets on carriers as well as astronauts!

There are a lot of things about LASIK we read about or hear about.  There is also a lot of false information, false promises, and false perceptions out there.

We urge you to reach out to us with LASIK questions, hesitations, doubts, anything!  You won't know if you are a candidate unless you come in. Give us a call today if you have blurry vision, trouble seeing street signs while driving, or simply want to live life without having to deal with contact lenses or glasses anymore. Want to know your options? Call us at 713-626-5544. We hope to be able to help you too!

From the doctors, staff, and everyone here at Slade & Baker Vision Center, we hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and Happy Holidays!   

See below for the picture of Carl (thumbs up) and his team!


4 Ocular Complications That Diabetes Has Been Known to Cause

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Around 9% of those residing in the United States have diabetes, and approximately 1 out of 3 diabetic adults are affected by diabetic retinopathy A number of ocular complications are actually caused by diabetes, but the most severe of the possible ocular complicates is diabetic retinopathy.

Diabetes can cause the following ocular complications:

  • Sudden Changes in Vision – Blood glucose level fluctuations can often cause the lens inside of your eye to change, which can make your vision change exponentially. This might make you believe you need to update your eye prescription, but in all actuality it is the diabetes preventing your eyes from working properly. Having a sudden dramatic change in your vision is never good, but it can serve as the first detectable sign that you might have diabetes.
  • Diabetic Retinopathy – As mentioned previously, this condition is considered to be the most severe of all the diabetes related ocular complications. It affects the small blood vessels in the retina, which can lead to potential blindness or, at the very least, major vision complications if left untreated. The risk of developing diabetic retinopathy unfortunately increases the longer someone has diabetes. This risk is only worsened if the person with diabetes exercises poor blood glucose level control.
  • Diabetic Macular Edema – Diabetes has been known to potentially cause edema, or “swelling,” of the macula. The macula is responsible for the central part of your vision, without which we be unable to make out a lot of detail. If left undiagnosed and/or untreated, diabetic macular edema could cause scarring to your macula and permanent vision loss.
  • Glaucoma and Cataracts – Diabetes raises the risk of developing glaucoma by approximately 40% and cataracts by about 60%. It is possible that diabetes might accelerate the progression of each of these conditions as well making them even more damaging for your eyes.

Having regularly scheduled eye examinations is important, even if eye symptoms aren’t visibly manifesting, especially if you have been medically diagnosed with diabetes because of the increased risks of developing ocular complications. It is best to begin treatment for these diabetes related complications as early as possible, so as to slow the damage to your vision. Symptoms of these complications aren’t always apparent right away, and for that reason it is important to remain in contact with your eye doctor for routine eye exams.



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