Understanding LASIK Cost

Understanding The Cost of LASIK

At Slade and Baker Vision Center we try to make LASIK pricing easy by simply including everything in one price. We may not have the cheapest LASIK price in Houston, but you will not be tricked by a $299 LASIK advertisement. We are not the least expensive eye doctors but rather strive to be the best, and with the best technology. When shopping for price, make sure you are getting the whole cost and not just a "bait and switch." Does the quoted price include everything, the exams before, the care after, all the tests, and all fees? Our prices are all inclusive, one price covers all the surgery and workup. It is important to remember "you get what you pay for" so potential LASIK candidates that are "price shopping" should remember they are shopping for one of the most important things in their lives, their vision.

LASIK prices have become hard to compare due to corporate entities that emerged in the field of LASIK during the late 1990's. LASIK’s success rate and popularity attracted numerous chains offering discount pricing. Aggressive advertising campaigns followed that often promised a low price simply to lure the patient in the door. After arriving at the FREE LASIK consultation most patients quickly realized that the advertised price would not work for them because their vision was outside the parameters. Very few patients paid the low initial advertised price. Indeed, according to a South Florida Business Journal report, the national operations director of a well-known discount center stated that their average customer paid close to $1800 per eye, even though the advertised price was only $299. Several of these chains ended up bankrupt, after paying fines to the SCO for fraudulent advertising.

The Cost of LASIK VS. Contact Lenses (Source *Archives of Ophthalmology, WebMD – 2006) Depending on how compliant a patient is with their recommended contact lens regimen – and their number of annual office visits and new fitting appointments – the average contact lens wearer invests between $75 and $100 per month on their eyes.

When projected out over the normal length of time the average person wears contacts – 10-20 years – the total cost for contact lens wear can range between $9,000 and $15,000. What seems to most patients as a modest and acceptable annual investment in their contact lenses can quickly grow into a substantial expense. LASIK can provide huge benefits over a lifetime of contact lens wear both in terms of eye health and cost over time. Slade and Baker Vision Center also offers Care Credit convenient financing options to fit your personal needs including 24 month interest free financing to qualified patients.

Experts agree that contact lens wearers are also more likely to develop complications than patients having the LASIK procedure. Contact lens wearers face a much greater risk of developing a serious eye infections and corneal ulcers or abrasions, than patients receiving LASIK.

LASIK Financing Options

We understand that LASIK cost can be a barrier to having LASIK eye surgery. At Slade and Baker Vision Center we try to remove as many cost barriers as possible. We have developed an extensive LASIK financing program with CareCredit® provides our patients with the most affordable solutions available today. We also accept major credit cards, debit cards and personal checks as payment methods for your LASIK eye surgery. Click here to learn more.

LASIK FLEX SPENDING at Slade & Baker Vision Center

LASIK is also covered by Flex Spending Accounts. Call us and consult with our laser vision coordinator to discuss how your Flex Spending Account can reduce the total cost of a LASIK eye surgery in Houston. If you are interested in using Flex Spending for LASIK with Slade & Baker Vision Center we encourage you to come in for an evaluation to determine if you are a candidate for the surgery. Click here to learn more. Enrollment periods may differ from company to company. For details on how to get set up with the accounts discuss the matter with your human resource director or review your employee benefits handbook.

The First Step

Remember, the smartest first step is to come in to find out your best options for your eyes. We offer these consultations at no cost as well.

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